What is the Correct way to stop at a stop sign?

My instructor says you're supposed to make a complete stop, don't go past it and look both ways. Then you're supposed to roll up. Is this right?

Best Answer:

Anna E: Yes, it's been like this for many years. If you actually roll past the stop sign, you could be ticketed for running the sign. If you slow down, but are still rolling and go on through, you have run the sign. You must stop at or right before the sign, look both ways and then roll forward. Sometimes you will encounter a stop sign where the view of traffic is obstructed, usually by shrubs or bushes. In this situation, you still stop at the sign and then slowly pull out far enough that you can see traffic.

Other answer:

Anna E:
Yes. However in real life, people don't come to a complete stop. Most stop signs should be replaced by yield signs.
You need to stop at the stop bar or before the crosswalk. Come to a full stop. Once you think the way is clear, you can pull forward slowly and check left and right again before pulling through the intersection.
Yes he is correct.
Yes. Why would not trust your instructor who gets paid to do this?
complete stop…. your instructor is correct
Just become stationary.