What is the difference between a jet aircraft and and non jet?

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Simple. A jet aircraft has a JET engine. Propeller aircraft are not jets because they are not powered by a turbine while a jet engine is. BUT this is not an exclusive rule. there are turbine drivien props that would be considered jets known as 'Turbo-Props'
A jet aircraft is driven by a jet engine. A non-jet is usually driven by a engine driven propeller. A jet engine is normally a gas turbine.
"Jet" is a catch-all for any kind of propulsion that people don't really understand. Usually it's a term for a gas turbine engine. Some times rockets get lumped in there too. Gas turbines range from high velocity exhaust for thrust, to turbines with "fans" driven by the turbine. In some high bypass turbines most of the thrust is from the fan alone. A turbo prop is a gas turbine engine that drives a propeller. Other power plants for aircraft include reciprocating engines, rotary engines, and a few innovative and experimental electric power plants, all using propellers.
A jet aircraft uses jet engines. Non jets do not.
The primary difference between jet engines and prop engines is the way in which the aircraft generates thrust. Jet engines use a combination of air compression and burning fuel to turn compressor blades. They are able to generate substantial thrust but burn copious amounts of fuel in the process.Prop engines, on the other hand, are well suited for lower flight speeds and are considerably more fuel efficient than jet engines. They’re also well suited for taking off from shorter runways. This is because thrust in these engines is created by torque rather than burning fuel.
What airlines are non jet aircrafts
a jet uses turbofan engines while a non jet would use propellers
a jet uses turbofan engines while a non jet would use propellers
Andrew Meyer:
Not sure I understand your question. Seems the answer is obvious. There are many differences: cruising speed, climb rates, engine types, noise levels, fuel consumption, aircraft size, I could go on all day.
One has a jet engine and the other doesn't.