What is the requirements for getting tire replaced from roadside warranty provided b allstate?

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Pamela Price:
There are several different companies who call themselves "Allstate". They include the big Allstate automobile insurance company, a roadside warranty company called the Allstate Motor Club, Another called the Allstate Dealer services, etc. If you mean the large Allstate auto insurance company, they won't replace a tire unless it was damaged in an accident. If you mean another Allstate roadside warranty company, you will have to ask that company (or look at your contract) to see how to proceed.
Insurance companies provide roadside assistance coverage, not warranties. You get a tow or get your vehicle started, or get your tire changed, not a tire replacement.
Mark F:
This may seem like a strange idea but why are you asking us instead of Allstate?
Steve S:
If its like my country warranty means very little and they will charge you.

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