What is this red switch uses in bike? . Should I switch off this everytime when I Park bike?

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Universal: Engine kill switch – best not used at all except in an emergency and no need to use it other than that

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The red switch on my bike is an engine kill switch and yes I switch it off whenever I park my bike. Would have helped to know what kind of bicycle assist kit you put on your bicycle. Here in the Cycling section questions are answered about bicycles.


it a kill switch .. if you do use it i recommend only using it after you turn the key off to familiarize yourself with it .. i see it as a safety off switch if you ditch the bike or it has a mechanical throttle failure ect so you need to be familiar .. it can however cause computer problems on some bikes if you mess with it while the bike is running, especially if the throttle isnt closed or your moving when you hit it the computer may not initialize itself properly when you turn it back on without cycling the key off then back on … ive seen this on a couple of bikes, and it can create an unsafe running condition … sooo .. thats my opinion on it …
Candid Chris:
Motorbike or motorcycle it's a 'kill-switch'. If it has no On/Off KEY than yes just turn it to Off. (remember to switch it to On though when you ride.)
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