What plane is better to fly, the top of the line AIR Bus or Boeing? Perhaps a commercial pilot with experience with both can answer?

What plane is better to fly, the top of the line AIR Bus or Boeing? Perhaps a commercial pilot with experience with both can answer. Please be objection without any influence from country politics or affiliation. So, please be objected with an honest answer if possible.


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How do you define ''better''?

As an airline pilot, you fly what your airline flies, you don't chop and change between aircraft and if you did, other than the fact Boeings have wheels and Airbus has side controllers, you are mostly monitoring and managing systems, very little actual flying goes on.

When it comes to A380s and B747s, the view out the window is fairly similar and the seats are similarly comfortable, while I have not flown an A380, I imagine that there is not a lot of practical difference, once one has the rating

The one that pays the most and has the best schedule.

Airline pilots don't give a crap about what they fly. In the end, it's just a boring method of making a living.

Ask a pilot qualified (type rated) on both, example on both A320 and B737 –
I would suggest you ask your question to "www.pprune.org" –
There are pilots qualified on both – who contribute to Pprune –

I OBJECT to your choice of the words "BETTER TO FLY" –

I could not help you in any way –
I am only qualified as on some Boeing (707-727-747) and Douglas (DC8) types –

My airline has replaced the B747 I used to fly – with A340 –
I retired in 2008…
I often ride as passenger (on the jump seat as authorized by regulations of my airline) –
Most captains know me…
I would have great difficulties operating this Airbus type, being quite different from a Boeing –
The flight controls system logics (and flight control computers) are completely different –
How the flight controls "operate" is "Greek" to me…!

To understand Airbus flight control systems, a 120 hours classroom program is necessary –

An Airbus is flown BY COMPUTERS which are (at times) controlled by pilots –
A Boeing is flown by pilots and pilots are ASSISTED BY COMPUTERS –

Note that most pilots of my airline who used to fly 747 have elected to transition to the… 737 –
And with our airline, the pilot pay is not function of the size of airplane – it is strictly seniority –

A majority of them complained that the A340 is indeed very different –
The saying "you do not teach new tricks to an old dog" –

As a passenger the aircraft does not matter much
The biggest thing for passengers is the Airline and how they had there planes configured. Each airline does it different
Robert S:
If it's not Boeing,I'm not going.
Pilsner Man:
Please be objection and objected.