What should i do if i encountered by a great white like jaws in the open ocean and he jumped on my boat and it is sinking what should i do?

Other answer:

Cover your entire body with ketchup. Might as well make yourself tasty. It's be Kind To Nature Week.

Move over her wants to party

Andy C

Better yet, throw your propane tank in its mouth and shoot it with your .44 magnum. which of course all seafaring captains wear on their hip.
They hand them out when you get the funny hat and the funny shoes.
Just save the cabin boy !
Give your heart and soul to God or somebody, cause the great white has your azz.
Watch "Jaws." See who survives in the end and do what they did.
Bend over, place your head firmly between your legs and kiss your butt good-bye
You should try to take a video and post it on YouTube.
Harry Buttcrack:
If you have faith, pray. If you're an atheist, just kiss your azz goodbye.
Donut Tim:
If it has a scuba air tank in its mouth, shoot it with a rifle.
. .