What should I do on this road trip?

So me and my dad are going to a car show in his Shelby cobra. We are driving two hours each way. I can't bring my headphones and my dad never talks on road trips. The cobra is a tiny car so there are no amenities. I'm wondering what I can do aside from eat.

Best Answer:

Dillon: listen to the purr of the motor. Relish it. Relish does not put relish on it. Relish means to enjoy the sweet roar of the beast motor. Relish the ride. Many people would give an arm and a leg to ride in that car.

Other answer:

Watch the scenery go by. I have taken road trips all across the country and never do more than look at the world out there. And myself, if I had a 2 hour trip in a Shelby Cobra it would take me over 2 hours to just come off the amazing event of riding in a Shelby Cobra.
You're cruising in a classic sports car. Enjoy the ride. Sheesh, that's the whole point of sports cars, not so you can sit there for 2 hours playing Angry Birds.
Enjoy the ride!! That's a beautiful car you're going to be in. Try to talk to have a conversation.
stupid questions like this are what keeps my question from being answered. Just enjoy the ride. If your dad never talks, maybe its because you don't listen. Talk about things you both like doing.
Sit back and be cool! Remember that most would rather be you at that moment as you go past them. Enjoy the moment of their envy. Look back out at them, smile and wave.
Book, phone games, contemplating, journaling, sleeping, texting.

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