What should I expect on my first train ride across the country (Amtrak)?

I am going on my very first train ride in a couple of months and I'm very nervous about it because I have never ridden on an Amtrak before. Is there anything I need to bring with me to make it more comfortable? Is it noisy inside of the train? What is it like?

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Of course when you go to the station you will have your ticket. Today it is good to have a picture ID. You will be on the train for 3 or 4 days so have things for your personal comfort. You can take as much on the train as you can carry; it is good to have one small bag of personal items you can put under your seat. Also you can check 2 bags free and 2 more for $20 each. If you check bags you may want to bring them the night before; the latest to bring them is more than an hour before train time.

In a sleeping car the food is free although you may want to bring some snacks and something to drink. Amtrak will provide all of the bedding you need. In a coach you pay for your meals so you may want to bring your own snacks and drinks. There is a snack bar car available but it is expensive; I like to bring my own snacks. On the train you tend not to want as much to eat as you usually do.

You can bring a lap top if you want; electricity and wi-fi is available. In the coach it can be helpful to have a power strip with you. Or you can just bring books you want to read and pen and paper if you want to write. You will have a lot of time to do all of these things but you do want to spend some time looking at scenery; that is a big part of train travel.

You are free to get out of your seat and walk around the train. You can meed some of your traveling companions that way.

I’ve been all around the country on Amtrak. You will have a pleasant trip if you just sit back and enjoy it. However, be aware that trains can be late.

I hope you enjoy your trip. Amtrak is a good chalice.

james f:
Amtrak hands down is the most comfortable way to travel not including first class flying. What u will want to bring especially on a long trip is some snacks, a laptop for movies, their are power outlets at each seat, a camera for the lounge car u will see some great sites along the way, a pillow and light blanket to be comfy
First, here's a link to an unofficial, but highly useful "Amtrak Rider's Guide":

As for what to bring, if you are riding coach (meaning not in a private sleeping compartment), bring along a light blanket and a pillow.

Amtrak is the best. It's clean, comfortable and has everything you need (dining facilities, rest rooms, etc…) so you don't even have to get off the train before your destination if you do not wish to. It's a very safe and enjoyable way to travel. Have fun! 🙂
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