What should I get, gas 1500 truck or diesel 1500 truck?

Looking to buy a truck, interested in the ram 1500 ecodiesel, have about a 45-50 mile commute one way to work, go to the so cal mountains every so often. Thanks

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I have a Ram 1500 diesel Crew Cab 4×4, and I LOVE driving it. Purchased it new a bit over a year ago. It constantly gets 22-24 MPG around town and up to 28 MPG on the highway. That's nearly DOUBLE the mileage I was getting from my gasoline powered Chevy pickup.

Just be aware the diesel fuel typically costs about 50 cents per gallon more than regular grade gasoline, so it IS going to cost you more to fill the tank. You just won't have to fill it quite as often. It also costs more to service the truck. An oil & filter change will cost you about $100, but again, you don't have to service it quite as often. The factory recommends an oil and filter change every 10,000 miles.

It seems your annual mileage approaches 25,000. A diesel should do about double the mpg that a gas equivalent car achieves. In addition, as diesel engines are built stronger than gas versions it will last longer. For me, at that mileage, it would have to be a diesel. DR + Mrs Bears face is away with the fairies again.
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Hi you can't be serious a truck which can do 45-50 mpg. to to get a life a BMW maybe.
Get the eco diesel. Better mpg and diesels last almost forever, and they hold their value better
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