What should I name my car?

I got it back in August, but i'm now just getting my license. It is a 2014 Kia Soul ! it has black leather seats, with a lime green/ yellowish stitching, black carpets and roof, the exterior is Titanum. I feel like it is a boy, but i'm not really sure.

What should I name him/she?

Best Answer:

Danna: Grimwald



Eeyore [if it's a bit slow]

Mr Spock [in memory]



Shrek [to go with the lime green stitching]

Other answer:

I don't know but it ought to be a weird name. Titanium is white. A white car with a black interior but with lime green stitching? Well you're going to need plenty of help on this one!
Or is titanium silver? Silver with black and lime stitching. Based on the colors I can't imagine it. I may have to look at a photo. There is no way I am going to think up a name for you. I looked at a photo. Alien technology.
Kia Motors America:
Congratulations on your new ride! Naming your vehicle can be quite hard. We recommend looking into names that resonate with your and your personality. Good luck!

Raul T.
Kia Social Team

The only possible choices are Fred or Wilma. You need to discover which it is. Crawl underneath, but don't let anyone see you.
don r:
Name it KIM, since t's from Korea.
Losin' Lately Gambler:
With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good.
mike k:
give it a mexican name because if it is worth anything the mexicans are going to part it out and then it will feel at home
Swag waggon
I've always liked Deloris because it rhymes with clitoris.