What some top ten compact hatchbacks that you recommend for a first car?

What's the ultimate get around car that would last long, and be able to ride through typically harsh conditions?

Other answer:

Mazda 3
Honda Civic
Volkswagen Golf
Ford Focus
Mazda 6
Volkswagen Polo
Toyota Aygo
Audi A3
Kia Soul
Ford Mondeo
J S:
1978 Ford Pinto
A Volkswagon Golf is a really good car and if you like power you can get the gli package with the turbo
I have been looking at ford focus hatchbacks. They seem very nice. That or the ford fiesta hatchback
97 – 01 Hyundai Tiburon's, good on fuel, fwd to be good in bad weather, I have a 2001 with 165,000 miles with is still a daily driver.