What type of classic european only car should i take back to US?

I am thinking about buying a car in europe and i want something that was never sold in the US so i can i have something unique import policies state that cars have to be older than 25 years so i would prefer a more classic type car and cant be over $20000

Other answer:

Jaguar E-Type is one of the classiest most beautiful cars ever made. They were sold in the U.S. but not that many remain and most people have never seen one because they are in collectors' garages.
Skoda John:
Citroen Cx. These can still be bought at reasonable money especially in France.
Get it overhauled before shipping as no one in the US will.understand the hydraulic system.
This needs attention every 2 years.
Lancia Delta Integrale
boy boy:
you are not going to buy any type of classic for $20,000 ..we are aware of their value as well ..what you need is a car that will become a classic …a few years ago a golf mk1 gti was about a grand …now its ten and rising ..i sold a ford mexico for £800 …now? £20,000+ i owned a shapecraft elan ..sold for £3,000 …now £120,000!!

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