Whats so bad about driving a manual in traffic?

I dont get why thats so bad. Everytime i hear manual really has no downsides except for in traffic.

Best Answer:

Alex: It's never bothered me. I learned on a manual transmission. After a while, it's like riding a bike. You just do it. The only negative I can think of is that a lot of people must not like all the shifting. Stop. Shift into first, second. Slow down. Repeat. Again. and. Again. The only time I didn't like a manual was driving in San Francisco. You have to be good at it not to slip on a hill. But still, I could. I just didn't like it. All my cars are automatics now. It's hard to find a manual transmission. If I bought a sports car, I would NOT buy an automatic. If I'm going to drive a car like that, I want to DRIVE it.

Other answer:

Actually, there is a problem with manuals not that there bad but manuals require you to constantly shift gears thus as a result you will have less leverage in your turns because you will only be able to use one hand sometimes. In addition they do not last as long because what manuals do is stop & go. in other words imagine you are running and stop and run and stop and run as opposed to stopping and then running, which would wear you down more running at a brisk pace and immediately slowing down and or stopping or running then stopping as needed?
Because you slow down when you shift gears and the variation in speed annoys the other drivers with a modern car. And I cannot tell you the times the guy with a stick stalls the car and he gets is started again just in time to make the light and I miss it.
Nothing bad about it, unless you pop the clutch when you start. Then you are a problem and need to learn how to drive somewhere besides in traffic.
Nothing at all, unless you're one of those people who is constantly texting, putting on make up or eating breakfst on the way to work.

In that case, I would prefer you not be on the road anyway….lol.