Whats the differance a shovel and an evo?

Othervthan material. Wbat else changed over the years. I was looking at shovels because i read theyvwerr easy to worl on, but how differant Re they from shovels ?

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well plenty. Fasteners were improved [oil leaks went away] Tolerances made tighter. 5 speed instead of 4 speed trans.The Evo can handle heat better. I can go on and on. Funny thing though, A shovel can be built to drag race better than any Evo if you ask me. In fact a shovel can be built and be reliable . Mine is a 1971 FLH Electraglide. Starts right up with either the kick start or the button. Motor is tight. No leaks. However the primary leaks and it always will. I personally dont like any HD made after 1984. I will of course work on them but I wont own or ride any new stuff.
Shovel head introduce 1966 or 1967, lots made when AMF owned Harley and reputation isn't the best for quality control of little things- but they could be fixed. Evo was a EPA compliant upgrade about like Shovel was upgrade of Panhead, changes in ignition, fuel system exhaust cam timing to meet the tighter emission standards with existing tooling while the newer designs from the Porsche design bureau were being tested for even tighter standards. Shovel got the unleaded gas problems mid way through production, tested some ignition upgrades and the Evo was the 'all that works so far' to meet the government standards for sales when the EPA about 1975/1980 was really pushing cars, trucks, and cycles to clean up exhaust with cats, exhaust recirculation, airpumps. Some Harley and BMWs ended up with lean carb jets and 2 spark plugs/cylinder
You don't want a Shovelhead. They are easy to work on, but it's much better to not to have to work on one all the time. Shovels are much higher maintenance than Evo's are. I know what i'm talking about as I own a 1956 Panhead. The Evo motor was a huge leap forward in engine design. Materials made all the difference.The all aluminium engine is very reliable, oil tight, and long lasting. You would have to rebuild a Shovel motor at least twice to match how long a well cared for Evo engine can run.They run much cooler than a Shovel motor too. I don't own an Evo anymore but I would have no problem with having one again. The twin cam motors are even better than the Evos in my opinion.
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Hi so as it takes a real man to use a shovel any fool can get in an EVO
When the MoCo introduced the Evo in 1984, they claimed it had 256 changes, from the Shovelhead engine. I'm not going to list all 256 of them here…
Remove a few letters and switch a couple around…. shovel….ovel…..ove….evo.

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