When did Ford Mustangs stop using the pushrod v8 engines?

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Ford Motor Company changed over to the "over head" camshaft v8 starting in 1991 with the Lincoln town car which had the first 4.6 ohc. 1995 was the last date for the 5.0 ohv(302w). In the latter part of 1995 did Ford start using the new 4.6 ohc in the Mustang for the 1996 model year. The 5.0 ohv saw continuous service in FoMoCo's mid size suv until 2000 then it was dropped from regular vehicle service. Please do your research before offering your expert answers. Thanks
It wasn t just mustangs that got the triton V8 s when automakers were mandated to switch over to OBD II and at the same time the expidition came out.
1995 was the final year for the overhead valve 302 in the Mustang.
Around 1995, they switched to the over head valve 'modular' V-8. I have one of each, but I like the push rod 5.0 better….
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