When turning a car, are you supposed to brake slightly?

Are you suppose to do that so you won't turn too wide?

Best Answer:

Joe: Best practice is to brake before your turn, and take the turn at the proper speed for it.

Braking during the turn increases the sideways force between the tire tread patch and the road, and makes it more likely that you'll have a front-wheel skid.

But sometimes, you misjudge the turn, and have to brake during the turn. That's bad form, even if you get away with it.

Other answer:

this is called trail braking. its a technique used in motorsports when taking slight bends at very high speeds.
if you suspect (or know) that the car wont have the grip to make the bend up ahead because the front wheels don't have enough grip, then you can put on a slight bit of brake pressure to shift the center of gravity of the car farther forwards giving the front tires more traction to turn.
you have to be careful though because too much braking can actually reduce traction and the change in car balance can make the car more unpredictable.

this is a more advanced motorsports technique.
it should only be required in situations where you are pushing the limits of a car.

if you are driving on the road you should not be trail braking. instead, take all turns carefully by braking before the turn.

You should be at the correct speed before you turn and if required carry on braking as you turn
Angela D:
if you're going too fast for the turn, yes. otherwise no. cars are designed to go around corners.

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