When turning, do you use your brakes?

i was told you always use your brakes when turning. not completely use the brake, but just slow it down enough that you can turn

does everybody do this or do you still have your foot on gas when you turn?

Best Answer:

efflandt: You should actually avoid braking while turning because braking shifts weight forward and turning shifts weight forward (reducing weight in the rear) and depending upon road conditions may cause your vehicle to understeer or oversteer, or understeer at first and then oversteer when it slows down enough to get front end grip. Your car cannot brake and turn as well as it can do one or the other.

The safest way to take a corner (and easiest on your car and tires) is to brake straight before the turn, take your foot off the brake as you turn in, and then moderately accelerate to shift some of that weight that shifts forward from turning to the rear for better overall balance, grip, and minimal tire wear. And if there is something unforeseen around the corner, you can simply not accelerate or brake as necessary.

If you go too fast into a corner still under braking you may have an accident. I learned that long ago, but in a safe environment (parking lot slalom with nothing to hit but traffic cones). I was braking into a turn, started to turn, but the car just kept pushing straight. Took my foot off the brake, the car turned in, and no drama. But I later had a different FWD car that demonstrated weight transfer quite nicely by lifting an inside rear wheel off the pavement merely turning in without using brakes in the turn.

Other answer:

Depends? Brake, accelerator and steering wheel are 3 different functions.

Brake is to slow you down.
Accelerator is to speed you up.
Wheel is to turn corners.

You may want to slow down AS you turn a corner(or it's down a steep hill). Then you use the brake.
You may want to speed up AS you turn a corner (or it's up a hill). Then you use the gas.
Or you may just coast and not use either.

Only issues is not to brake or accelerate TOO hard in a corner, you may loose control a lot easier.

You will also find your driving is smoother and safer if you brake before a corner, get your speed correct while you are still in a straight line, then take the corner with gentle accelerator, just enough to maintain speed. If you have misjudged you can brake a little more, or accelerate a bit more in the corner but you aren't trying to loose speed at the last minute 1/2 way though the corner. Remember the bit about not braking or accelerating too hard IN the corner.

No I don't use brakes. Who does that?! Ewww! Besides, not using the brakes saves you some money so you don't have to replace the discs or pads. Unless yours are drums.

Usually I use handbrakes while going around corners at high speed. I hit the gas hard.

How to turn without brakes:
(Make sure the rear brake is drum, not disc brakes!)

1. When you're about to reach a corner/turn, simply punch the throttle to its max.

2. If your car is equipped with a CD/USB player. Open Tokyo Drift song by Teriyaki Boyz. This helps gaining your confidence.

3. Once you're making a turn, quickly pull the handbrake! Steer your car insanely fast in proper angle so you won't crash.

4. Once you made the turn, release the handbrake, slowly release the gas and drive at normal speed.

VoilĂ !

Remember! Step on the gas harder ONLY when you are making turns/tight turns and corners. Drive slowly on straight lines. Be safe.

Most people do not have their foot on the gas and the brake at the same time. If you are slowing down, you use the brake to slow down until you are at the proper speed to turn. During the turn, your foot is either on the brake or just above the brake waiting if necessary to tap the brake to slow down a little more. Then when the turn is completed, you put your foot back on the gas. Yes, people use the brake intermittently when they turn.
It is better to have your foot on the brake in case of an emergency such as someone turning in front of you or if you are going to fast. You don't have to push down at all if you are going a safe speed. Just hover over the brake
There is some skill to cornering. But, you do need to use your brakes to slow down to a safe speed so that you don't loose control while going around the corner. Once you enter the corner, you can ease off the brakes and coast through the corner. But then you can accelerate once you begin to exit the corner or if you slow down too much. Too much acceleration can cause the back end to whip out, though.
Yes, use your brakes. If you use the gas, you will put strain on your wheels and this could result in an accident. You want to be going 15 mph or slower, so attempt to do this. You will get a feel for how to turn after you have been driving for a while. Drive safely, and brake on!
Brake before your turn
Actually breaking during a bend is adviced, you need to adjust your speed BEFORE you get there.
In any case I only brake when i need to decelerate, this is what brakes are there for. In case that's not clear there are plenty af instances where when on a bend you don't need to decelerate, sometimes you might even need to pick up speed, it varies depending on circumstances, for instance I just entered a roundabout, I am not going to break but I will accellerate. Etc etc etc as instances vary.
– Assuming you have slowed down before a turn, do you keep your foot pressed down on the brakes throughout the turn? … gentle on the brakes until you get used to the chassis behaviour and available grip while doing this.