When will the airports start using disc shaped aircraft and stop living in ancient times?

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Eric West:
The concept was tried, with some success, by Vought Aviation around the end of WW2 in the Vought V173.

The design had some good aeronautical capabilities, so the idea is not as ''trolling'' as it might seem, however it depended very much on its propellors for maneuverability and there were issues with the very complex mechanicals needed to ensure that the props remained in synch , regardless of what the engines were doing.

Jet aircraft proved to be more efficient and the idea was dropped. It has probably been looked at by designers since, but nobody has found a reason to resurrect the concept.

But not as silly a question as it first seems!

The airports don't use aircraft. The airlines and the armed forces do. Ask them.
Chris P:
When disc shaped aircraft are more reliable and more cost effective than conventional aircraft.
You've been watching too many sci-fi movies. In the 30s they were saying by now we'd all be travelling in flying cars and getting all out nutrition from a pill. That didn't happen either.
John R:
"In ancient times'"? Airplanes have only existed a little longer that a human life span. Aristotle was not flying around in a turbofan!
When someone invents a practical flying Frisbee that works better than a current airliner.

Currently that's not the case.

Disc shaped? I prefer aeroplanes. Plus we dont have the tech for it
They already exist at Area 51. They will be perfected in a couple decades.
If you don't like it in this era, why don't you get back in your time machine and go back to your original time?

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