Where can i buy followers?

What is a legit scam free site that i can buy instagram followers from

Best Answer:

Dyan: You shouldn't buy fake followers, because that's the **** Chief Keef don't like.

Other answer:

They aren't real followers. Any you buy are fake accounts created by spammers in India and Bangladesh. You'll notice that they all use the same pics. There are about ten different versions of accounts but hundreds of accounts all with the same pics — one with the girl in the bikini on the beach, one with the guy in the black ski cap behind the wheel of his car, one of the girl sticking her tongue out, one with the shirtless guy flexing his muscles, etc. You see the same pics over and over and everyone knows they are fake
It's sad paying for fake followers. Just post good and interesting pics and find real people who WANT to follow you. You need to be original and stick to one thing you are interested in. For example my account posts pictures of burgers from all over the world. I have burger pics from more than 30 countries I've visited. I follow another guy who is an eagle trainer in Thailand who takes the most gorgeous pictures of his birds. I follow another guy who just learned to cook to impress his girlfriend and posts picture of his gourmet dinners every night. I follow a guy up in Lappland who posts pictures of the sky, whether with the Northern Lights in winter or the midnight sun in summer. So find one thing and stick with it