Where can I get a loan?

I'm trying to buy a used car. I have steady income coming on since i work. I just need to know where i can get a loan? I tried Speedee cash but they did not have the loan that i was interested in. I'm thinking about buying car on craigslist.

Other answer:

Do you have a bank account? THAT is the first place you should look for a loan. A local bank or credit union that you do business with on a regular basis would be more likely to make a SMALL loan than some anonymous finance company… AND you'll probably get better interest rates too.
John Davis:
As everyone here has stated, a bank, or some other type of financial institution.

Your odds of getting your loan approved will be higher at a credit union instead of at a bank. At credit unions you will more than likely be allowed to speak to the loan officer directly to present your case as to why your loan should be approved.

I would suggest being prepared with:
Proof of Income – Have some recent pay stubs w/ last years tax return or W-2
Proof or Residence – Just bring a utility bill
Identification – If you're getting a car loan I'll assume you have a driver's license, that'll do.

P.S. Compile as many favorable references as possible, about a dozen or so.

Given you apparently don't know that banks & credit unions lend money, I'm going to guess you wouldn't qualify to borrow from them.

That leaves buy here pay here dealers. They are total ripoffs & should be avoided.

A bank or credit union.
The bank
Mah Jen Boo:
um, a bank. DUH