Where does my water pump? Boat?

I got a 1973 triumph 65hp evinrude and it's run excellent ( I just bought it ) I was wondering where the hell does the water pump from ?? I don't wanna use it incase I reck the motor , so does anyone have a video or know where the water pumps out of ?? It doesn't have a hole at the top for a stream

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My dad was an engineer at OMC (Evinrude/Johnson, etc.) and we had a 3 cylinder 55 hp Evinrude that he eventually hopped up to 65 or 70 hp based on the newer models. They had a hollow propeller and something came out of the center of the prop, but I forget if it was water or exhaust or both.
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Hi most outboards have a scoop system just in front of the proppeller which is discharged back to a point just above the propeller so it works on the force of teh water being forced up and around the engine. i would have thought one as old as the is 1973 would need a lot of cleaning out by now as salt water corrodes most parts.
the water exits with the exhaust through the propeller.