Which car should i get?

I have a lamborghini aventador and a range rover evoque. I was thinking of getting another car. Many people suggested the Mercedes benz c63 amg and the audi r8 to pair up with my two cars. Which car should i get?

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jack: buying cars without actually wanting them is a good way to lose a lot of money very quickly. I suggest you take a test drive of both and actually learn which you like better. a lot of the things that make a car good are never really posted in their specifications and it can be tough actually knowing which car in your opinion is better based on what's posted online.

Personally considering your collection, I think you'll like the R8 better. it has much nicer styling/looks and considering you don't seem to need the size difference, the R8 wouldn't be too unreasonable. the mid engine AWD layout gives you amazing levels of grip and a level of confidence that is just insane. I've driver a rented Ferrari and R8 as well as ridden in a porsche 911 turbo, Corvette Z06 and Dodge viper around a racetrack as part of a track day package and the amount of confidence that the R8 inspired was beyond that of the other cars which aren't slow cars to begin with. though the R8 isn't the fastest, it felt the best with the greatest balance of straight line speed, handling, grip, and comfort.

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Mercedes S63 – it is the fastest and most powerful AWD coupe available at the moment. The enhanced power allows the car to reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds while the top speed is 217 mph.
don r:
If you can afford choices like those, get whatever suits your style. Price, performance, economy or reliability don't matter. It's what you want to look like today. Come back and tell us what you finally made your mind up on.
Mercedes Benz C63…It has much better Miles Per Gallon, Horse Power is also quite a bit better.

The Audi looks nice, but so does the Mercedes…. The Mercedes may not look as cool but what you'
re getting really makes up for the looks

Timbo is here:
If you had those cars and were not trolling on here I am sure that you would what to choose to suit you far better than a few random strangers on here.
If you are not a troll then I apologise and suggest that you get out more.
You don't own either, and you need to get back to paying attention in class.
It depends how big your toybox is….