Who has the right of way in this situation?

Me and someone else on the opposite side of the road both get a green light and I want to make a left and he wants to make a left from his side do we both drive up to the middle and turn or one waits for the other before they drive up into the middle of the street?

Best Answer:

Linda: Neither has "right of way". You are supposed to pass drivers door to drivers door but that often isn't possible. Sometimes common sense is required but that's where things often fall apart.

Other answer:

A typical intersection will allow two cars facing one another both to turn left at the same time. If you fear it'll be tight, by all means cede the right of way to him, since it's not a clear case of either of you having it. Who knows, it may be the only nice thing that happens to him today.
No one has right of way unless someone else has given it to them. Just because someone has a left signal on doesn't mean they are going to turn left, what happens if you turn and they go straight? Wait.

You both turn, at the same time, but you don't drive up to the middle. You turn tightly so that you don't cross each other's paths.

A thought shared.
why should you wait when you are going in opposite directions?