Why am I so afraid to drive on the interstate?

I have been driving since I was 19 and I am almost 23, idk why I want just get on the interstate and go, I would like to get and go to movie, etc. but I just will not get on the interstate, Idk if it is all the traffic that so intimidating or what.

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Mark: you're not alone, pretty much everyone are afraid of driving in the interstate due to higher speed, and no traffic lights when you merge from an exit. Merging lane is what really scare people the most, if you want to drive in the interstate try to have someone watching your rear when you merge and stay is the very right lane. right lane are usually the slowest and left lane are fastest. after you drive 1 to 2 time you won't feel scare and will be more confident.

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It is odd considering the interstate is safer than driving in traffic. The chances of you getting T-boned at an intersection or the person behind you not stopping is much higher than anything going wrong on the interstate.
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Because there's crazy people like me who like to go 110 and 120 mph
that's what it is, cars go faster and that usually intimidates people. just practice at night first man and you'll get the hang of it
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