Why are liberals opposed to guns?

Chairmen Mao said political power comes out of the barrel of a gun. Also the Red revolution (or I think October revolution) in Russia, Castro?

If you study history I did not think communists had a problem with guns (or at least for them)?

Other answer:

1. Liberalism and Communism are not the same thing. 2. Not all liberals necessarily oppose gun ownership. 3. Chairmen Mao is not necessarily a good role model. 4. Many individuals living under communist leadership were too poor to own guns 5. Most people in general are more opposed to murder and violence than to the instruments themselves 6. Those who are actually opposed to those instruments have probably at least been indirectly protected by them
What is known as a liberal today is really a socialist, fascist or communist. They are into forcing people to do as they wish, kind of a new religion of sorts. Classical liberalism was the philosophy that wrote the right to bear arms in the US Constitution. That person would today be known as a libertarian. Party wise, the pre William Jennings Bryan Democratic party was the last of the true liberal political parties in the US.. Hard money, few rules, local government. It isn't by mistake that the US has been at war, almost constantly since then. Seems they don't mind us carrying guns on the battlefield to fight their wars.
Many liberals are not against guns, they just think that there should that there is inadequate regulation. While a convicted felon cannot legally get a gun, the most irresponsible, idiotic and mentally unstable (if not previously identified in the legal system) person can.
I think that guns can stop what the liberals intend to do. The firearm is an anti-liberal in a way. Selfish people do not want anything to stand in the way of their progress.
Robert M:
There ahve been MANY MANY TIEMS that if I carried a GUN< I woudl USE IT! I have been ROBBED and held up at gun point and most MICHIGAN neghborhoods are VERY DANGEROUS PLACES to be in! GUN LEGISLATIOON began with the shooting of PRESIDENT REAGAN and his press secretary inteh 80's! NOW we can ALL be victims of this legislation! the CONSI+TITUTION was written to say we have the right to bear arms AGAINST the governemtn if necessary! THIS has gone TOO FAR NOW int he extreme! We have TOO MANY LAWS and everyone can be a FELON for any reason seen fit by nearly ANY judge out there! THAT is VERY SAD< but true! I FOR ONE hate being OBSERVED by cameras ont eh STREET and even in parkinglots and buildings as well! BIG BROTHER sees EVERYTHING these days! LOSS o privacy and even GOOD temperment as well! "the EYES of TEXAS are upon you!"" IT si NOT GUNS that kill people, IT"S BULLETS! DESPERATION does it as well! SO MANY TIMES if I had a GUN I WOUDL USE IT and that is a BAD way to feel about LIFE in general!
liberals are not opposed to guns they just want background checks to buy them i see there point
I dont. I oppose people using them to mow down kids that wont get out of the street or wearing hoodies while walking home and in walmarts shopping for toy guns.
Because random idiots in society can get their hands on them a lot easier. Oh yeah and because guns help kill people.
They think that will rid the world of violence. Guns don't kill people, hitting what you're aiming at kills people. That's MY idea of gun control.
Gunnar Trollsbane:
I am not opposed to guns, I am a gun owner. I am opposed to "assault weapons", big difference.