Why are there so many busy airports in China?

I notice China has a lot of airports in the top 100 busiest airports list, including Beining, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc etc.

Why is that?

Best Answer:

Ianab: China has LOT of people (1.3 Billion) , and many of them can now afford to fly.

Even if only 1/4 of them can afford to fly, that's more than the the total population of the USA turning up at airports.

Other answer:

Internally she has a vast population and densely populated cities as well as a large territory. Many of them are also feeder hubs for the region as they have been developed as such and a bit cheaper than the other more advanced nations in the region.

Ever watched empire of the sun and the people fleeing at the station… that is considered quiet compared to even off peak times at some stations in china.

There is a need for mass transportation of people over long distances within a reasonable time frame. Consider Beijing to Guangzhou. By land, it takes half a day, but its just a few hours by flight.
Those cities are extremely populated, and a lot of people want to travel to China.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi it is one very large country has not that fact been seen by yourself biggest country in the world.
Steve Bowlin:
cause there are so many people living there and they need lots of planes to carry them

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