Why arent american cars sold over EU but german cars are sold over ?

is it because thier too big for EU roads and suchetc?

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There are a few American cars sold in Europe but no so much. The Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion (known as the Mondeo), Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, and believe it or not the Ford F150 is also available, but their version is smaller. The list goes on.
Americans buy non-American brand cars because they're more desirable. Some Europeans like American cars but only a handful of them do.
Obi Wan Knievel:
American cars are sold in EU countries, just not very many of them.

People in the USA buy Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota and other imports because they want them. People in Europe buy American cars for that same reason, but there are fewer people who want them. Simple as that.

Fuel consumption is a much bigger issue in Europe, as is the size of the vehicle. There are two-lane roads that simply won't accommodate a Hummer or F150 all over Europe, and they generally don't like big gas-guzzlers over there.


First is the shipping costs. Then the import taxes. Then you come down to size of cars and engines as a Compact (Hatchback) has a 3 Ltr engine. Expensive on Insurance, Petrol and Tax

Andy C

That's not quite true. Ford has 7.3% of the European market. GM has 7.9%. Chevy has 1.2%. Jeep has 0.2%.

16.6% of cars sold in Europe are American cars. That's 1 in 6. If we break down car manufacturing into the major companies, we get: France, Scandinavia, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and US. The US is one of those six countries and it sells one in six cars in Europe.

Peter The Piper Uk:
American cars generally do not appeal, or are economical to own in the UK,
Even Americans are deserting their own motor industry and buying European cars by the bucket-load !
When I visited New York last year the cabbie picked me up from 'JFK' in a 'Toyota Prious' !
all Opels and Vauxhall are American cars and the brands are owned by GM
powder monkey:
Europeans demand a much higher build and engineering quality.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi are you joking i hope what drinks fuel like a fish an american car why. simply we in europe don't have subside fuel we have to pay large tax on it so we have to pay more for it.