Why do people laugh when i tell them my dirt bike is a honda? i mean its a 230?

Best Answer:

billy: lot of people think their bad with a 400 or higher and look at anything smaller as a starter bike. Which you know, they can be. Screw them, do you enjoy that bike? don't worry what they think. Never feel the need to upgrade nor downgrade less you think it is necessary. Let them beat on their bikes and talk bad.

Other answer:

Honda makes some of the most dependable an fun to ride dirt bikes there are. Anyone who laughs at a Honda dirt bike is complete moron. Ignore them.
Jealous? Stupid? Lame? There's no reason for them to laugh, you RIDE. Honda's are the shizziola!

Ignore them.

Candid Chris:
Don't say Honda, just say you have a CRF 230' let them figure it out.
They laugh because they are idiots and don't know any better.

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