Why do some people wait til last minute to signal a turn?

For example, you re following a car and then it changes lanes into a left turn lane and signals AS it s about to turn. Shouldn t the car signal when it first changes lanes to the left turn lane?

Other answer:

People are idiots. I live near an interstate. I see people turn in to the lane for the on ramp, not using their turn signal, and then when they are at the bend for the on ramp they put on their turn signal. Mind you that is how the lane goes and really you shouldn't be doing anything BUT going around a bend but they still put on their turn signal at that point. I think some people just don't know how to use turn signals. I've also seen plenty of people start to drift in to a lane THEN put on their turn signal. They are like half-way over and then turn it on. I'm not sure if they were never taught how to use them or if they just don't care.
If they signal first and then change lanes, then someone might think that the only reason for the signal was that they were going to change lanes, and not realize that they are going to turn.

If they signal after they change lanes, then maybe it's clearer that they are going to turn also?

Those last minute signals are a pain , it's worse when they slam on the brakes and then decide to signal.
Jay P:
Where I live, even that would be considered courteous. Unfortunately many people don't even bother using their turn signals in my little corner of this planet.
When you've been driving a while you'll learn that there are a LOT of totally incompetent, inconsiderate and plain stupid drivers on the road.
The driving test should be made a LOT harder and drivers with any kind of conviction should have to retake the test.
Andrew Anthony:
There are many reasons for this, I will try to rattle off a few of mine from this week. One hand on a phone the other in a bag of fries, taking a selfie video while raising the volume to 2pac, leaning into the passenger side floor to reach for loose change while turning into the drive thru, leaning to the passenger side floor to dip my fries into the milkshake I just spilled, leaning to the passenger side floor to get find a dirty YMCA guest pass, both hands on the phone responding to Yahoo Answers.
Human error, laziness, and lack of concern……also legally required to signal your intention….which is why signals are required on all vehicles…..you can report another driver to the authorities for unsafe or illegal driving.
Half of all drivers on the road are below average. And the average driver has little to be proud of. Your job as a good driver is to adjust to all the crazy things they do.
They have soup for a brain.
The common motorist is lazy and inconsiderate. Period.

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