Why do some right leg amputees give up driving after the amputation?

I mean cars can be retrofitted with hand controls. So why do some right leg amputees stop driving after the amputation?

Best Answer:

George: Cars can also have a left foot accelerator.

It is up to them but cars can be adapted in many ways.

Other answer:

Not speaking for them, but for myself – I am getting tired of driving. I still need to do it for my job but when I finally retire I may give it up altogether, taking a taxi when I need to or the bus or bicycle when it is convenient. My wife is still okay with driving and when we go somewhere together she drives. It is a fair trade – I don't mind doing dishes and she doesn't mind driving.
A thought shared.
don r:
You need to ask them. Either that, or stop worrying about it. It's their business.