Why do trucks and buses last so much longer than cars?

You often see 30+ year old trucks and buses with hundreds of thousands of miles on them, still driving around and doing their jobs

But when it comes to cars, your lucky if you have a 15 year old car with 150,000 miles still running.

Why is this?

Best Answer:

KY-Clay: Most have diesel engines which are built to last for up to 1,000,000 miles and then can be overhauled and last another 1,000,000 miles. All components on trucks and buses are heavy duty and are made to withstand long term use. That is why they cost so much.

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My 2010 pickup has 320,000 Kilometers and can easily go to 1 million kilometers. Trips are longer highway runs then short trips around town. Regular oil changes, easy acceleration and no overloading help along with the regular maintenance. Camper van is 26 years old and has 150,000 km on it. Apart from finding parts, it too will keep on running for a long time.
It's not impossible to have a 30-year-old CAR with several hundred thousand miles on it and still in reliable driving condition. In fact, I know of a gentleman in New York who owns a 1966 Volvo sports coupe that has well over THREE MILLION miles on it and still in daily use.

All it takes is an owner who is willing to maintain and repair his car whenever it needs to be repaired. The MAIN reason most cars end up in junk yards is because the owner decided it wasn't worth the money or the effort to maintain his car any longer, and let it go.

Skoda John:
All the reasons above.
Good maintenance is key to long vehicle life. Not just cheap oil changes proper servicing.
Diesel engines are longer lived. Mine needs servicing every 15000 miles or once a year.
Diesel engines easily run 500000 miles in cars if cared for.
Truck and bus operators have resident mechanics to keep on top of it all.
Three words: Regularly schedule maintenance.
Maintenance! they're most likely maintained much better than your car. Could be because the company which owns the vehicles does regular inspection/maintenance because of safety reasons.
fairly smart:
Mine is 17 years old, & has over 200K on it. I take good care of it. The fact that it is a Japan built Acura has something to do with it too.
as said fleet maintenance helps a lot

plus, if you drive 400+miles daily, it is better than short trips most people take

They are built to heavier duty standards
J E T H R O:
There heavier built than cars