Why do USPS vehicles in California look so classic and old?

Come on, it's nearly 2017!

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Pat F85:
They are old, but are very functional and are easy to work on.
What your'e looking at in the picture is a Grumman LLV (long life vehicle) made for the Post office.
the chassis is from GM and based on the Chevy S-10 2WD, with the powerplant (2.5L I-4 TBI "Iron Duke" and, in later production, General Motors 2.2L I-4 iron block/aluminum head engine), instrument cluster and front suspension similar to those used in the Chevrolet S-10 pickup.
Grumman started production of these in 1987, and ended in 1994, with a 24-30 year life span, so some of the earliest ones are near the end, but something tells me they'll rebuild them and push'em a bit more.
Because MOST of them ARE "classic and old". The US Postal Service doesn't go out and buy brand new delivery trucks every year. They use the ones they have until they can't be used any more.
Peter The Piper Uk:
Because parcel delivery vans need to be practical, cheap and long lasting………They are not built for style.
The 'walk through' design is especially popular with 'multi-drop' type deliveries.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi so what else do you expect no one wants to spend money till they have oo.
Probably the cheapest

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