Why do women drive so slow and poorly?

just what i see everyday here, and they are always on their cell phone in the left lane going 5 under the speed limit, always cutting me off , too scared to drive lol seriously

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I don't think it's particularly elderly women, but more so the elderly in general. Some seniors do drive very well and are great drives, but you're also right about the cutting off and such. You always hear the stories about the old man driving his car into a DMV or Laundry Mat.
Stan Pomeray:
Its a myth that women are worse (or better) drivers than men. Bad driving is pretty evenly split among the genders. The difference is the main reasons for the driving being poor. For men it's more often down to pointlessly aggressive driving, tail-gating, speeding. For women its more commonly down to lack of obersvation, and poor road positioning.
But there are also plenty of women who are aggressive drivers.
I hear ya, dude. 9 times out of 10 when I see a person driving recklessly, it is a chick. The other 1 out of 10 is an old guy.
Dimo J:
Women are faster and better drivers than an anonymous bigot in Yahoo Answers.
It amazes me how ignorant you are to generalize an entire population by gender.
You do know what a woman is don't you?
Brady Mckeown:
They are always busy with the latest gossip

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