Why does my car stereo not work?

So, I got my alternator replaced in my 2001 Ford Escort and now my stereo does not work. Any clues why would be great.

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You either have a shortage due to the wrong amps being used, or a wire or two may have touched somewhere in the system. And if that is not the problem, make sure to check that all terminals and adapters are plugged in, sounds like something is loose and/or becoming faulty. Recheck all of the fuses as well. Or if you are not confident that those are not the problems, check that the multiplex unit is working properly. Hope you get your radio working again! I can't drive without music, personally.
Check the "room" fuse. It's a 10-amp (red) fuse located in the fuse box at the driver-side dash. If you have an after-market head unit instead of a factory radio, you might also need to check the fuse built into the back of the head unit.
Check both of the fuse boxes, there are 2 fuses for your radio, If the radio is defective you can find the original Ford radio from oemautosound
Somebody disconnected it. Or the fuse has blown. Or the stereo is broken.
Does it need the radio code entering after the battery was disconnected? The standard Ford radio would have been coded.
You blew a fuse.
Is there anything plugged in it or is it on a diffent mode?
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blown fuse

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