Why doesn't Suzuki make a 250-300cc "sport bike"?

Available in the U.S.

Best Answer:

Joe: They offer the GW250 in the US which is more of a sporty standard but still looks pretty good to me ( looks like a smaller version of the B-King )

I'm guessing they are looking at the sales numbers of their new competitors such as Yamaha R3 and KTM RC390 ( slightly larger displacement but still small enough to be a competitor in the 300 cc category ). If there is a sufficient market for these, along with the established Ninja 300 and relatively established, but still newer, Honda CBR300R, Suzuki may decide to bring their own competitor to the US market.

Other answer:

Doesn't need to.

They have made beautiful 250s both 4- and 2-stroke, the tiny 250 inline 4 of the GSX-R 250 is a joy to behold.

And just look at the RGV250SP


If only you Americans did not shy away from 2-strokes they may still be developing them.

They DO. It's called the GW250F.


I see they make the GW F and Z. Thanks, I need to climb out from under this rock I guess.