Why is 9 pm to 12 am dangerous time period for young drivers? How to reduce the risk?


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Driving is dangerous no matter how old or what time of the day you do it. It comes with responsibilities.

On weekdays (Mon-Thu), there might not be many vehicles on the road between 9pm to 5am. Many take advantage of that, & think that there is limited law enforcement. There judgement could be impaired by the influence of something.

because its prime time.. people are off work and school and messing around on the streets… reduce the risk? just drive like ever other driver is dumb.. dont speed.. not speeding helps A LOT in reducing accidents and getting pulled over
It's dark and plus scary stalkers like Chipotle could easily enter the car with them being unaware in the darkness and rape them.
It's actually until 1 am . It's when they are in a carefree attitude. Often a result of social activities. Not helped by lack of daylight.
This period is high risk as they tend to be both rushing and not taking in awareness or things such as surroundings and road speeds.
Often having passengers distracting them or loud music.
Black box technology is best way forward with dashboard alarms to signal speed exceeding local limits. Excessive braking and cornering forces.
If it's linked to reduction automatically to local speeds can move driving habits into safer zones.
It's dark and young driver are inexperienced so they're more prone to accidents