Why is my boat pulling hard to starboard? how can i fix it?

So I just got a used boat with a 120hp Tohatsu outboard and it pulls hard right unless I'm holding the wheel tight at higher speeds.

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If your boat is pulling hard to the right at speed, it could be pulling because you are not trimmed correctly and or you could have too much weight on that side of the boat as well.
What kind of boat do you have? How is it loaded? Need more info to really help.
Question, how does your boat steer at lower RPM.
As Biker Boy has show, if your out drive is situated off centre then the higher the RPM the greater will be the torsional pull to one side or the other.
Small Business Owner in TX:
After you ensure that steering cables are straight, weight is fairly even, etc. then you adjust trim tab (just below cavitation plate) to the LEFT to correct for pulling right.
Repair or replace the steering cable(s).
on the cavitation plate right behind the propeller is a trim tab. this tab is adjustable. if the wheel pulls to the right move the tab to the right. if it pulls left move it left. you might also try trimming the motor up when on plane sometimes it will help.
You forgot to untie your dog and are dragging him through the water.
You probably either need to replace (if corroded) or adjust your trim tab.
your rudder mite be out of align

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