Why is my car title under review?

I put my car on the road in the middle of the summer, and it is now November and I haven't seen it in the mail. I called the title bureau, and they said it was under review. Whats some of the reasons it could be under review?
I forgot to note, that I got the car when I was young, in 2004. I bought it for cheap to use when I graduated highschool, since it was my dream car, which I did in 2014, but did not get it on the road til this past summer. The signature from the previous owner was dated 2004, however. Could this be a reason?

Best Answer:

Mika Rachune: Without knowing your location it is hard to give you a precise answer, but based on my background I can make some guesses.

In most states you have from 10 to 30 days to transfer title , and if registration is not paid in 3 years they figure the vehicle has been scrapped and take it out of the system. If it later shows up they have to search for and update a dusty paper record and figure out what, it any, fees will be due to put it back on the road.

The other possibility is there was a lost title, a new title was issued, and you got the old and void title when you bought the car, which you would have found out if you had tried to transfer it in a more timely manner.

But those are just guesses, you will have to wait until they know. Once they do they will contact you.

Other answer:

Mika Rachune:
Okay, let's see if I have this straight. Your car title, which has been dormant for ten-plus years, is under official review with the licence bureau in your mystery location. You asked them and they confirmed it was under review, but they can't (or won't) tell you why.

So you decided to ask a room full of total strangers? What's your plan here, just see what guesses people come up with, then pick one you like and insist it's the correct answer?

That's not a very good plan, just so you know.

If the car wasn't licensed or insured during that time, that's why. It's suspicious for a car to go off the radar for 10 years then suddenly come back on it.

They are probably checking to see whether or not the car matches the description of any vehicles involved in serious crimes.

J J:
I don't think the signature date has anything to do with it. More likely the title is not a clear title and DMV is waiting for a answer from someone. You might have to look for another dream car soon.
my guess vin numbers didn't match original title or the car itself which means their doing a background on the car especially if the car was titled in another state. surprised it took this long. right now you're just going have to wait and see what they say next week. they might have you bring the car to a local DMV office for a inspection if they need more info to check vin numbers and so forth
Any number of reason. You should have asked them. There could be an outstanding lien on the title.