Why is the London underground so run down and dilapidated compared to metro systems in China?

In China (Shanghai) the metro systems were super nice, clean, and well kept but the same can't be said for London why?

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DR + Mrs Bears face: Hi this depends on what part of London underground you might be talking about. lack of investment has always been the issue. the Chinese underground is so new when compared and having been a communist country where wages are that much better the staff take a lot of pride in there new transit system. so as `London does not have new rolling stock it will appear less favourably to over seas visitors.

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DR + Mrs Bears face:
The London Underground dates from 1863. The earliest subway anywhere in China is from 1969.
You think maybe there's a connection?
When the Chinese Metro is 150 years old I will be a wreck.
Rona Lachat:
Could be that a place that is 100 years older actually appears to be 100 years old. New things look new Get over it.
China too has its share of old and dilapidated train stations too.
If you have a spare few Billion I am sure London Transport could use it to build NEW subway lines.
Shanghai Subway opened 100 years after the one in London did. In Fifty years they will both look old.

They have been able to explore many cities subway systems and take the best ideas from the past hundred years for their train system. What happens when a New large thing is built.

Well the first lines of what is now the London Underground were built in 1863 might be the main reason. Stations do get renovated and upgraded but when you have hundreds of stations on the system, many of which are over 100 years old, it is a big task.
London Underground is not dilapidated. There is always ongoing maintenance and engineering works, including track renewal, tunnel maintenance due to leaks, escalator repairs, re bulbing of the lighting. It's only at Hobbs Lane that few people dare go to.
It's an old system, dating back to 1863, based on an idea from the 1830's that was tested in the 1850's before the proper one was built.

Until now former-Mayor Boris took charge they'd kinda fallen behind with maintenance work (so I've been informed), and only really set the wheels in motion to catch-up in the last 5-6yrs or so with station makeovers (dubbed "bland") + signalling upgrades, etc)

David S:
It is the oldest system in the World but I would not term it run down or dilapidated at al. It has billions spent on new signalling systems to allow more trains to run, new trains and station modernisation

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