Why would BMW make a car where the brake lights don't work unless you turn the key on?

To me that is just stupid but is there any good reason to do that?

Best Answer:

Andy: If the brake light switch were to become stuck ON, something that can happen a few years into any car's working life, the battery would be drained in a few hours while it was parked. This would leave you stranded, unable to start the car, if the brake lights were not wired through the key (ignition switch), so they will be switched off when you turn off the engine.

Other answer:

Why would you need working brake lights on a car that's not moving??
All European, Asian and UK cars are made that way. Brake lights are an indicator of retardation. If the engine is off you aren't moving.
Valy jan:
LOL, thats how its supposed to be. why would you want the brake lights to be on when the car isn't on the road. its like that with every car. it would also drain your battery which i don't think you would want to be constantly fixing.
They did that so when in the heat of passion with your lover on the front seat you don't tap out SOS on the brake pedal.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi No it stops some fool from stealing it. or are you just as dumb as some of these thieves.

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