Will auto insurance cover a rental car?


I'm not at fault. It's from a scratch someone accidently left on my truck and I plan to get it fixed. Will AllState (the other driver's insurance) pay for my rental car since I'm not at fault?

Do I need to report to USAA, my insurer?
I was away from the truck. A note was left on the truck. Happened between 8:00 AM and 9:20 AM Friday morning

Other answer:

YES. When the vehicle is in the shop for repairs, they will pay for a rental car. They should tell you where to rent (most likely Enterprise) and the MAX they will pay, per day, usually $25 to $30.

You was lucky this person was honest and left a note, which most people rarely do. And no, no need to contact USAA,.

For a scratch, probably not. The reason for covering rental cars is for someone who needs something to drive while the car is being fixed. Fixing a scratch shouldn't take that long; they should be able to do it with touch-up paint while you wait, so you shouldn't need a rental car.
Get a repair estimate and file a claim against the driver. It is up to him whether or not he uses his insurance to pay you or pays out of pocket. It depends on him (if he pays you out of pocket) or his insurance policy whether or not him/they will provide you with a rental (loaner) while your truck is being fixed. I don't worry about that because I simply use a body shop that provides a free loaner to you while they fix your vehicle. More and more body shops are providing loaners nowadays.

You are not required to report this to your insurer but if it were me, I certainly would. That way, if there is no payment forthcoming to you, you can use USAA to go after the culprit on your behalf.

When you have insurance…..USE IT !

The liability carrier will cover daily rental rate. You do not have to report to your insurance company.