Will I be able to afford this car?

I'm looking for a brand new car, specifically 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster base model which is about $60,000. My income is little more then 100K?

Other answer:

Sure. You can afford it for a while anyway. Remember this: The more a car costs, the more a car costs to repair. That's why rich dudes (real rich dudes) drive fancy cars.

Cause they stupid and don't know the value of money!

Gray Area:
Probably not. How much you can spend on a car is dictated not just by your salary but your total financial picture. Do you have student loans? What do you pay for rent or a mortgage? Do you carry any revolving credit card debt? What is the cost of insurance and don't ask that here because only the insurance companies can quote you. What do you spend on food, clothing and entertainment per month?

All these questions and a few more will dictate how much car you can afford.

Don't get a new Porsche. Get a used Boxster. They are practically the same thing except a flat 6 which is better and they are great deals.
G. Whilikers:
"If you have to ask…" you may be better off with a Miata. Still a lot of fun.

For the full $60,000 a 72 month loan at 0% would be $833 per month. At 5% it goes up to $966 per month. Don't forget the cost of higher insurance.

No you can't afford it. 60% of your annual, pre-tax income on a car? C'mon.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi Dream on kid maybe in 30 years time.
Perhaps through leasing but you will end up with none by the end of the lease contract. At least you drove one.
Mark K:
You are clearly a dunce. Who, better than you, can adequately answer such a droll (and troll) question?

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