Will I be able to buy?

I'm A guy who is Dreaming to own a Lamborghini Aventador. The price of Lamborghini Aventador is about $600,000. Can I pay 600,000$ for 10 years monthly? Which is about 5,000$/month. Or Do I have to pay everything when I'm buying Lambo?

Other answer:

5000 a month? A 6 year loan which is one of the longest would be about 9,000 a month on a 600,000$ vehicle then you pay another 50,000$ on taxes and another 1000 a month on insurance(im guessing). And 600$ at each oil change and 10,000$ if a tire goes out

One would have to be a complete moron to get a loan on a car. Pay cash.

Steve S:
wouldn't you be better off buying a house for that sort of money? Its only a car at the end of the day . Have you included interest in the repayments what about insurance and maintenance if you intend on driving it Ill bet every-time it gets serviced the bill is more than the value of alot of peoples cars
Ian K:
Go ask your bank if they will borrow you $600,000 for a toy. If for some reason, they do (not likely if you are asking here and don't have a couple hundred thousand a year coming in) go get a second full-time job to pay for insurance and maintenance.
Been There, Done That.:
If you're making 150,000 a year, have no debts, and 800 or better credit rating, it's a possibility…………maybe……..

If you flip burgers at Mickey D, forget it.

Scott H:
Keep dreaming
**** that lambo. If you have the money, just get a GTR. 1/6 the cost, nearly identical performance.
If you have to ask, then you don't have the financial smarts or means to do it.
Never gonna happen. And by "never," I mean "not in your lifetime."