Will it be okay to learn to ride a motorcycle before learning to ride a car ?

or even learn to drive whilst also learning to ride ?

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Victor: Ancient Egyptians educated their children .
they learned by applying their knowledge in medicine , mathematics , astrology , astronomy etc in a practical way .
they believed in knowledge like a faith that had to be kept and nourished .
they were serious learners .

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There is one disadvantage to learning to ride a motorcycle first: You will have to learn both the mechanical operation of the bike AND how to survive in traffic at the same time. In order to minimize risk while riding a bike, it is necessary for the operation of the bike to become completely automatic, a matter of instinct. Only then can you devote 100% of your attention to road conditions and all other surrounding traffic. It is essential to assume that you are invisible to all other drivers, and to be ready to compensate for their errors.
If you learn to drive a car first, then tackling a bike will only involve learning the mechanics of riding a bike, and you will already be used to sharing the road with others. Even so, you will then have to get used to the idea that drivers of four-wheeled vehicles will often blunder into a motorcycle's path without warning.
I learned to ride a motorcycle LONG before I learned to drive a car.
Relatively common in some European countries- license for car is expensive and restricted for young drivers, small scooter, small motor cycles affordable and mid size motorcycles as next step before able to get car license and insurance. New riders learning traffic on small cycle will be cautious or dead with little extra damage to city street signs- then they can get a car after 2 to 5 years playing in streets, being defensive.
I did it without having any problems. Got my first bike at 13 and didn't start driving till 2 years later.
Timbo is here:
Yes – in fact that is the best way

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