Will these wheels fit on my car?

I have a 2011 KIA optima with 16 inch rims 5×114.3 and im wanting to purchase some 17 inch rims 5x110mm off a 2010 Chevrolet malibu. Will these for sure fit on my car? Thanks.

Other answer:

You do not have 5×114.3 bolt pattern you have 4×114.3 bolt pattern but anyway the 2010 Malibu wheel will not come close to fitting on a 2011 Optima. First of all you have to match the same exact bolt pattern then you have to match the size lug bolts (you can use a larger size lug from a doner car with special lug nuts but if the hub center bore or the offset is different and wheel size you may have to just try them to see if they rub or any thing
You can probably get by going from 15 to 16 but be careful going too large you could risk brake failure and it will change your speedometer
No. Use eBay to determine if parts fit your car or a similar bolt pattern on a different car.
If the lugs match and there is clearance you are good to go.
Nope. The bolt pattern, your's is the 5×114.3, has to be EXACTLY the same. But, so you know, 5×114.3 is the standard FORD bolt pattern……