Will tightening the positive and negative car battery clamps electricute me?

I'm going to my father's to tighten his battery clamps on his Lincoln, if I tighten the positive and negative clamps with a METAL WRENCH, will I get electricuted?

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Devin Nelson:
No. You should take the negative cable off of the battery first and then remove the positive cable and clean both battery posts and the insides of the cable clamps. Then put the positive cable back on first and the negative cable last. If you have both cables on the battery and work on the positive cable you may make the mistake of grounding the wrench when it's on the positive cable and that puts current directly through the wrench. That's a dead short and will spark, turn the wrench red hot and burn you. There's no way you will be electrocuted.
No you will not get shocked but you may learn a lesson if the wrench touches the metal of the car while tightening the positive side of the battery
Technically yes if you touch both the negative and positive at the same time you would get a electric shock.

The thing is though you wouldn't be able to feel it.
Any current flowing through the body is a shock, even as little as 0.000000000001.

With 12v all you have to watch for is not putting the positive and negative together.

No you will Not. If you touch the wrench on any metal part of the car while tightening the Positive cable, you might get some sparks but that is all.
Steve S:
no but take the negative off until you've tightened the positive in case the spanner touches the body while your tightening the terminal it wont spark. negative first off last on if the spanner touches the body on the negative terminal nothing happens.
Pilsner Man:
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mdk68gto, ase certified m tech:
no, not at all. you will be fine. keep the tools away from any other metal while in contact with battery terminals.
As long as you only touch that nut, you are good.
I'd suggest if you don't know the answer to that, you should have someone else do it.