Women, what would you do if a girl grabs and kisses your husband in front of you?

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Henrik: slap the *****

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It depends if he had ever told me about her. Is she a long time friend then I might not have a problem with it. Now if it was just some random woman I'd have a big problem with it. That's like my husband and I went to a restaurant with some friends. We all ordered burgers. The cook was a woman she drew a smiley face on his burger and not anyone else. Hmmm! Really
Obviously I'd enjoy the show knowing how great he is at kissing. After that I'd just have to kiss her myself to taste them both. Actually, that's a bit like how we found our current girlfriend, only it wasn't his mouth she was kissing.
It would really depend on the circumstance and the kind of kiss. A kiss on the cheeks at a funeral, for instance, is reasonable, but a kiss on the lips at any time isn't ok.
Nothing. What is there to do? I'm not going to go all "chick-fight" on her. I know my husband, and I know he doesn't like to be embarrassed. By doing that, she just made herself look bad and certainly lost points with my husband. There's really nothing more to do, is there?
Roberta S:
I'd wonder why she felt comfortable doing that. Either he hasn't set the boundaries or something else is going on. How'd he react? Did he kiss her back? That's BS
Introduce myself.
i will slap my husband for allowing another lady to kiss
Introduce myself.
i will slap my husband for allowing another lady to kiss
Swimming in it:
Introduce myself.

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