Would a high speed train (fast train) kill you instantly?

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Don't see why not?
I'm assuming that you mean the high speed train is traveling at its high speed. Imagine tens of thousands of tons of whole train, screaming down the tracks at 60 to 120 mph, and it hit you. A single car traveling at 60 mph can kill you. So I think a high speed train will definitely kill you, especially if its just YOU by yourself, not in a car. But even if you're in a car, I'd place a bet that with a train traveling 100 mph or more, your car would turn out just as dead as you.

The human body is pretty frail, especially when hit with solid metal object or anything solid such as the ground at high rate of speed. So yes, a screaming train would indeed take care of you right then and there.

Almost always. A train weighing hundreds of tons and moving at 80+ mph? Of course it will kill you instantly. Unless you're unlucky. Better to die instantly than spend a couple of hours feeling like you've been through a meat grinder.
Rona Lachat:
It may or may not. The train crew has to deal with your body parts for the rest of their lives. The sight of your blood smeared along the train. The ambulance crews have to wash it down to get the bits and pieces..

Now if you bounce off the someone has to care for the vegetative almost corpse for possibly years as you die from your injuries.

If you want to commit suicide suggest you do something that does not require others to do the dirty work.

You could die is seconds minutes hours days or weeks.

The memory will be on the train crew for a lifetime.

What Rona said. I know several colleagues that have had their career ended by sorry azzes using their trains to commit suicide. It sucks when it happens because they won't let us move till they pick up all the pieces of what's left of a person.
It just may or may not kill you, but you will be causing a lot of people a ton of grief and anguish if you do decide to go ahead with this.
you being selfish toi have train kill you
yiou are not thinking of the train employes are yiu?
many cases the railworks quit their job cause shellfish person couldn't kill themselvs'
i dont even wanna know but i believe anything going way faster than me will kill me instantly
Gary Crant:
Don't do it.
I would want it to. A glancing blow would ruin your day.

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