Would an engine have less chance of over heating in the cold winter than it would in the hot summer? why or why not?

if were going to run , for example , a snow blower engine with not the right mix of 2 cycle oil in itsay it had 20 percent less than manual states to use..would it help that it is 10 degrees below freezing? (25 degrees farenheit)

Best Answer:

Technobuff: If you had insufficient lube in the gas, the engine can seize, and would do so regardless of outside temperature.
A manufacturer will advise a mix ratio that is greater than needed, in order to allow for fools or differences in oils. You are advised to run the engine on the mix the manufacturer recommends. If your engine failed by seizure, the manufacturer could deny any warranty claims, and probably rightly so. They do not expect their product to seize if properly used and maintained as advised.

Other answer:

It might take a few miles longer but it's going to over heat anyway. I think you can figure out what cold is!
You could still overheat if you're cooling system is frozen.

Edit: Seizing means the piston got hot enough that it welded itself along the piston walls.

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