Yz250 idle or no idle?

I'm hearing that it shouldn't idle so it has better throttle response and more snappy and more speed is this true and is it true it could be set to idle to low any information would be helpful would having it idle for a few seconds still give it the response in throttle

Other answer:

That bike should idle on it's own.
You should be able to start the engine, when it gets warm enough to idle, you can walk away and get a soda.

As a side note, you should not let your bike sit and idle.
The bike has to be moving to keep the engine cool – even a water cooled bike has to be moving.
It has no fan to cool the radiator and coolant.
The cold air rushing through the radiator fins is what keeps the coolant cold.

Back to your idle question – it's better for an engine to idle faster, rather than slower.
A slow running engine has to struggle to stay running and that puts a strain on the moving parts.

Performance wise, a 2 stroke that is idling higher than normal, the engine RPM is closer to the power band.
That's why you see racers reving their bikes high when at the starting gate.
When the gate drops, the riders pop the clutch while the bike is screaming in the power band.

This is about racing. Those bikes are set to not idle so they don't run away if you fall off. It was mostly applied to older bikes ( instructions about this were in the owners manual of my 1978 PE175) I found it really inconvenient for normal use and set it up to idle.
No idle, It has nothing to do with throttle response, setting the idle has no effect what so ever on this. It should not idle as a safety reason, so the bike stalls in an accident.
Yes, it should idle. It won't change ANYTHING about the "snappiness" or throttle response one way or another.

Time to get some learnin' in on your bike.

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